Mission and Philosophy

The Michigan City Salvation Army takes seriously the fundamental premise that each individual holds inestimable worth – no matter how lost, helpless or hopeless a person appears to be.  This doctrine is the  cornerstone of our daily work. We offer emergency assistance and basic human services to some of the most vulnerable residents of our community.  However, the richest treasure we offer is HOPE! Hope is everything when a person has nothing. Our community’s needs have continued to evolve since The Salvation Army  was founded in Michigan City, January of 1892. The reality of human suffering knows no end.  As long as there is a need, we will reach out to help our neighbors. For many who are unable to meet the most basic levels of success in our society; unable to provide food, clothing, shelter and a sense of purpose, The Salvation Army stands as a last resort. We are not just a building, we are a source of HOPE.

Have you ever wondered where helpless and hopeless families go to receive:

  • Food Pantry-Providing nutritious food to hungry families  and many senior citizens.
  • Adult and Youth Programs-Providing educational and cultural experiences, fellowship, fun, counseling and worship.
  • Shelter for Homeless Men-Providing meals, hot showers, a safe haven in which to sleep, with counseling and referrals.
  • Thanksgiving Dinners-4,000 individuals were supplied with a meal on Thanksgiving Day; whether it was through food baskets or hot meals!
  • Christmas -Assistance given to over 6,000 individuals for Christmas through food, toys, diapers, clothing, and countless smiles to nursing home residents.